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Weird Art for Inquisitive Minds


My Work



Original Works

My art is weird and captivating. That is guaranteed. If you are looking for something that is unique please peruse my available original works.  

Many of my original works are the only one in existence. Often no prints are made of my larger pieces cementing their originality. These one and only's are priced accordingly.

Should you want some work, but can't make the drop for an one and only original, check out my prints available. Still weird, still unique, priced for availability 


Premium Prints

Whether you are in search of a print large or small, these prints are meant for you. On archival paper with high quality ink they provide a statement in vibrant high resolution.

I appreciate your looking, and your time. Every purchase whether large or small is working towards my goal of becoming an artist who can give back. I want to help support causes I care about, and with your help we can do that, together. 


Tattoo Design

A lot of artists shy away from tattoo design. I however am excited to help you make your design of your dreams come to life. 

I require a down payment (non-refundable) of $100 once I've agreed to design for you. After that I get to work. I require $35 an hour, but I work quick. I'll send a couple outlines and once one is picked then we go from there. 

Let's do this!

Marble Surface

About Me

Hey, I'm Hart. I'm a twenty-something-stuck-in-her-Saturn-return artist with a passion for hiking, animals and weird art. My art is often is a stream of consciousness, getting to those weird parts of my brain that are ignored most the time. 

I write and art as my passion, and serve/bartend as my way to pay bills. My dream is to make enough freelancing and art-ing so that I can support myself and donate a chunk of profits to local charities.


That's why we're here, and with your help we can make this dream a reality. Once I make over $10,000 I will be donating 10% to charities of different calibers. We'll get there. 



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